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  • Jessica Papineau: It's Time to Stop Feeling Unworthy and Step into the Woman You Are
  • Heather Riggs: 4 Ways to Use Pinterest for Wardrobe Planning
  • Jenny Layton: Ten Tips for an Organized Closet
  • Katherine Picott: Decluttering Your Closet with Joy and Intention
  • Jennifer Mackey-Mary: Lessons from Creating 40+ Capsules
  • Kim Hancher: How to Define Your Style in Just THREE Words

...and so many more!


Simplify and Elevate: Wardrobe Edit Digital Course

A Wardrobe Edit Digital Course is a course designed to help women retire the pieces in their wardrobe that are no longer serving them, so that they can make room to create outfits that align with their lifestyle and where their life is headed. Receive the Lesson 1: Review and Reflect as my gift to you.

Ask a derm...Q&A with Dr. Mina

Wondering what products you really need, or what procedures are worth the hype? This is your chance to get all your burning skin and beauty questions answered by a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Mina! Don't miss this opportunity to get real answers to your questions about your skin health.

Personal Style Intensive

Discover your own personal style, even if you think you don't have one, in an intensive, community-based, private Instagram group. You'll work through teaching, journaling and introspection, activities, and community interaction for about 15 minutes a day for two weeks. You'll walk away with a clear idea of your personal style, and you'll find yourself actually wearing (and loving!) the clothes you buy.

Get Your First Month Free!

Become a Style Circle member now, and get the Summer Capsule Guide as soon as it drops on June 5! You'll get access to everything we offer, including Capsule Guide, Style Masterclasses, The Style Circle Community, and personalized style coaching from me. By the end of the summer, you'll have the mix and match wardrobe you've always wanted--and be a personal style expert!

Get Stuff Done with Risa Williams: Goals Group (one month free, $50 value)

You can attend my Get Stuff Done: Goals Group for one monthly session free! Normally, it is $50. After you attend for free for the first month, you will qualify for $25.00 a month discounted rate afterwards!

In this group, we work on breaking goals down into small, weekly steps. You will learn my time management tools, get a lot of positive support and encouragement from the group, and leave each month with a weekly plan. Learn more at: www.risawilliams.com/sessions.html.

Guide To Creating Your Own Closet Essentials Checklist

Kiss those cookie-cutter capsule templates goodbye! Your wardrobe does NOT have to be limited to neutral, classic, or basic pieces in order to be streamlined and easy to style. If you want to build an effective capsule wardrobe that reflects YOUR personality and preferences, this simple, step-by-step guide will break down exactly what you need to uncover your unique closet essentials in a personalized way. Inside, we'll cover everything from strategic wardrobe planning, what you MUST include on your shopping list (hint: it's not what everyone else is telling you!), separating your wants from your needs, and how to make even the most colorful and lively pieces mix and match with ease.

Stress Lessons

Three audio lessons (<15 minutes each) and worksheets.
Lesson one focuses on awareness of your stressors and your stress behaviours.
The second and third lessons will focus on how to manage your stress, coping skills and thought traps.

The Minimal-ish Wardrobe

Clear the clutter; love getting dressed again! Get the four-part course to declutter your closet, keep what you love, and love the way you feel getting dressed every day!

The course includes four video lessons and worksheets. You can complete the lessons daily to finish over a weekend, or take a month to devote one week to each. It’s up to you!

Organize Your Space

Organizing a space, like your closet, might seem simple at first – but it can quickly get overwhelming.

What to keep, what to let go of, where to put it all, finding the right container – and before you know it, all your hard work is undone and the space is just as disorganized as before.

But using a professional system will get you professional results:

  • Pick the perfect project
  • Avoid common container mistakes
  • Strategies and tips to make sure things STAY organized
  • Learn how to let go of clutter without regret, anxiety, and becoming overly sentimental.

And the best part? You won’t want to stop organizing. Getting organized is easy and fun when you have a great system!

Makeup For Beginners: A 4 Step Guide

Never wore makeup or don't remember how to wear makeup? This is a short and sweet, "Reader's Digest" version of my book, Be Your Own Makeup Artist. This affiliate link/unsponsored guide was made with you in mind!

This guide turns "makeup" into digestible pieces, giving you lots of options along the way figure out which application works best for you!

You'll learn the basics of a solid makeup application that will get you feeling confident and looking great in literally no time at all.

21 Day Habit Accountability Challenge

Let’s face it, as busy modern moms–we have the best of intentions to start a new habit, but then life gets in the way! You need various forms of accountability and this is it! The 21 Day Habit Accountability Challenge will ensure your habits will stick in just 21 days and beyond! Includes a private podcast feed, Voxer coaching and even more forms of accountability!

10% off any Color Analysis Package & BTS Color Analysis

Go Behind the Scenes of a Color Consultation

Watch as Jeannie takes Deanna through a color consultation and see if she can convert Deanna from her love of black and white (which really are not her colors!).

See how Jeannie finds Deanna's correct color palette for clothing, makeup, and hair color. Then find out who Deanna's celebrity match is.

Financial Refresh Workshop

Simple action steps you can implement in 10 minutes or less to put more money in your pocket and towards debt, saving, or spending

Simply a Better Year

Make this Simply a Better Year!

Let me show you how to declutter and organize with simple daily tasks that pack a powerful punch in this printable planner.

Stop wasting time, gain confidence, and get your life and home running smoothly!

With 12 months of chaos-busting, clutter-reducing, and joy-increasing actions, you’ll be on your way to creating your peaceful, happy home in no time.

This all-access pass unlocks everything the Chaos to Calm Summit has to offer for just $149.